• “Am I really prepared?”- Do I understand what may happen very soon?

    Apocalypse: A Spiritual Guide To the Second Coming. Jesus provided the only plan for overcoming in these times of trouble. We must remember, the primary things that makes this different is: What did Jesus say? In this are the solutions for these times. 

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  • Apocalypse Jim Richards
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      An End Time Minute with Dr. Jim Richards

  • Faith at the end of all things.

    In this End Time Minute, author Dr. Jim Richards discusses the most important thing to being an overcomer in these last days.

  • Using this Book

    In this fresh, scriptural look at Jesus' return you will:

    • Discover the spiritual history of the world.

    • Find out how religion took such a hold.

    • Identify the spirit that is at work in the world and the church.

    • Understand the workings of Mystery Babylon.

    • Learn the way to prepare for what lies ahead.

  • Apocalypse Jim Richards

“Don’t stress, don’t try to force anything, don’t try to figure it all out… rest in God. Keep your heart free from the world. Watch and pray.”

Ten things every believer must know

Will you be swept up in the events of the last days, or will you be an overcomer?

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Ten Things Every Believer Should Know
with Dr. Jim Richards

“What matters is how powerful our God is, and our willingness to hear, trust and obey!”

The time to get ready is now.

End your confusion and fear, build your faith, and put on the mind of an overcomer!

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